#201 – Mobility Control Workshop

A group workshop designed to teach the basics of Neural Performance Training as it relates to motor control. Excellent platforms for sports teams, employee groups or your clients within the health and performance industry. 2-hrs long and 4 person minimum required. In-person or Zoom sessions available.

Prices based upon the number of people and duration of workshop. Approximately $60/person for groups of 10 or less. For pricing and availability, please contact us directly.

Pricing Available Upon Request


Both our Mobility Workshops and Brain Integration Workshops are designed specifically for groups that together want to benefit from Neural Performance Training – Sports teams, employee groups, client groups of chiropracters, naturopaths, etc.

The Mobility Workshop specifically addresses motor control by learning the 3 R’s of mobility: Rehabilitation, Re-education and Restoration.

  • Reduce pain
  • Regain lost movement
  • Improve quality of life


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