Performance Training for Racing

See. Decide. Act. – P1 Performance Training maximizes human performance with the latest in applied neuroscience.

With VectorCheck’s programs, you’ll train yourself to see better, make decisions quicker, and match your actions to those decisions for greater control and speed.

Benefits of P1 Performance Training


1. Improve Cognitive Function & Endurance 

2. Increase Vision Speed & Accuracy 

3. Improve Driver Stability – accurate & pain-free  movement of extremities

4. Control Breathing & Enhance Stamina 

We offer 4 levels of P1 Performance Training as seen below.


P1 Performance Training Programs

Level 1 – Diagnostics


 The Diagnostics Course helps you evaluate the current performance of foundational Vision and Balance skills.  Find performance gains and identify performance inhibitors to rehab through Using a variety of vision and balance drills.


This program includes 25+ training lessons, over 3 hours of content, and 70+ page training manual covering every joint in the body.


Diagnostics Course………………..$200

Levels 1 – MOVE


The MOVE course is for the athlete that needs smooth precise movement in any and all joints. Learn motor control drills that will open up new performance gains as well as identify those movements that limit or restrict performance. 


This course focuses on the fundamentals of movement in every joint of he body. Perfecting these movements will not only improve reaction time through quick, accurate movement, but will also identify drills that reduce pain and tightness. Both will see you  moving  better than the competition.



Level 2 – Fundamentals


Level up your game with P1 Performance’s Fundamentals Course. Learn drills that will speed up your vision, improve reaction time, and train your brain to make better decision-making . Faster vision, faster hand and foot speed — See-Decide-Act faster than your opponent!  


The Fundamentals online course includes a total of 25+ lessons, over 3 hours of streaming video and 80+ page training manual.


Fundamentals Coursee………………$350

“I have been racing for three years and have never thought it was possible to speed up my vision.  That was until Darrell showed me a new and very different way of training.  This training can make my brain perform in ways I didn’t think possible.  Before I was using his training, there days when I lacked good hand eye coordination, but now with the specially made drills, I can perform to my maximum every day.  Drills not only helped on the bad days but also significantly improved my coordination overall.  
When I told Darrell about some issues I had been having with disruptions in my left eye under certain conditions, I was not expecting him to have a solution. Yet, he quickly made a specially engineered series of drills designed to re-train my vision.  These drills were able to adapt my brain to overcome these conditions and speed up my driving, making the issues disappear. This made me more confident and comfortable driving my car.
P1 Performance will truly elevate your driving to the next level. They are the next step for any racer who wishes to perform at that next level.”

Trevor Russell

Increased Vision Speed

A progressively demanding series of vision drills, supported by neural inputs, will train your driver to see and accurately interpret information faster.

Improved Cognitive Function

Exercising the frontal lobe, midbrain, and cerebellum, our reaction training will speed up the driver’s ability to take action on the data from increased vision speed.

Better Stamina & Breathing Competency

How you breathe matters. Learn relaxation techniques to use in the grid, as well as breathing for endurance and clearer thinking.