Learn Virtual, Feel Vibrant


We’ve gone virtual! For those that can’t leave their home easily, don’t want to during these uncertain times, or simply live too far away, our online courses on teachable.com are your answer!

You’ll find the same great concepts, training and methods used on our online platform, but you’ll be able to do it at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Online Courses


From a simple Intro course to an in-depth course on your brain and movement, we have developed a variety of courses to hit all aspects of Neural Performance Training. These are now available for individual purchase on teachable.com. Click the link on the right to see what is currently availalbe!


3Pillars Strong

For people who want to Reduce Pain; Improve Movement, …and just feel better!

P1 Performance

For Motorsports and All Athletes; accelerate your sports performance to the next level!




Each course varies in cost, depending upon the depth of the material covered.

Please see our course sales page below for specific pricing.