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How is this different from physical therapy?

Physical therapy, like most forms of rehabilitation, look at how the muscular and skeletal systems work together to create clean, pain-free movement. For example, if you have pain in the shoulder, the approach would be to look at the position of the surrounding bones and the tension of the muscles.  Oftentimes, the joint is out of position.  From there, we would look at relaxing the overactive muscles and activating the underactive muscles to return the joint to a more normal position. This is often successful for injury rehabilitation. However, when it is not or the pain is recurring over time, a different approach is necessary.  In Neural Performance Training, we look for the ‘reason’  why the brain is holding extra tension somewhere.  Remembering that pain is just another output of a brain that is experiencing threat, we look to reduce ‘threat’ in any, and all, places in the body and nervous system.  When the threat is resolved the brain will release the tension/pain.

How long before I start seeing results?

Our goal is to get results in the first session. That is what we expect. When we activate the correct area of the nervous system and the brain receives the information it was missing, you will observe change at the speed of the nervous system, in other words…instantaneously.

What does a session with you look like?

We start with a thorough medical history and understanding of the specific problem(s).  That information, along with some general movement assessments, often reveals deficits in the nervous system.  Once we have a starting point, we find a movement,  system (e.g. vision or balance), or the problem itself to assess current ability. From there we test the different inputs to the brain, the brain’s ability to integrate information, and the output mechanisms to produce movement. After each ‘test,’ or drill, we reassess to see how your nervous system responds. We collect data on the changes (positive, negative, or none at all) and build a set of homework drills to start changing the brain to resolve the problem.

Can you customize a class for my specific group?

Absolutely!!  We realize our programs can cover a lot of territory. We are excited to talk to any group about catering programs to your specific needs.  The best way is to set up a free consultation to discuss your needs. We will work with you to insure you have a workshop that meets your objectives. Depending on the criteria, we can even record the workshop for your future use and review.