What is Neural Performance Training?

Our brain, along with the nervous system, is in charge of everything we do. From respiration and heart rate to how we move and feel – it is all driven through a simple process of input, integration and decision, and output.

Most training systems only look at the output (or how you perform); however, in Neural Performance Training we also train the input and decision parts of the process. Using all 5 senses and our proven system of assessing and reassessing everything we do, we exponentially speed up your recovery and results.

Darrell’s Story

Darrell grew up in North Carolina, active in sports all throughout high school. After graduating with a BS in Aerospace Engineering from North Carolina State University, he joined the United States Air Force.  His assignments included primary pilot training instructor tours with both the USAF and US Navy. His operational flying experiences involved multiple aircraft and a variety of stations around the world.  

Since retiring from the Air Force, Darrell has been developing his entrepreneurial skills and pursuing his passion of helping others. He owned a franchise business, led the USAF Academy’s unmanned aircraft program, flew private charter jets, and continues to fly tow planes for the USAF Academy soaring program. 

However, his true passion has always been helping others reach their goals in life, particularly in the area of health and fitness. Certified as a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, he found his true calling while working with a non-profit serving wounded veterans.  It was there that he was introduced to Z-Health Performance Solutions(™) and began learning how the brain and nervous system held the key to feeling and performing better. 

Over the last decade, he has helped hundreds of people resolve movement and life-limiting obstacles through Neural Performance Training. In 2018, he left a comfortable position at the USAF Academy and started full-time with Vector Check Fitness. Based in Colorado Springs, his business is now expanding across the US.  His goal is to share Neural Performance Training with as many people as possible so they too can experience its life-changing effects.  


Why ‘Vector Check’?

In aviation, when we need help getting to our destination, we ask for a vector.  The vector would generally include a heading for direction and a magnitude. With both the heading and the magnitude, we could know how and when we would reach our destination.  When that result was in question the pilot could request a vector check to get back on the right course. 

VectorCheck Fitness follows that same logic.  We provide you with the how and when! Everything we do is designed around getting you to your destination — which is results!